Motus Humanus


Motus Humanus is a professional membership organization. For over two decades, this non-profit group has been supporting the development of Laban-based movement study through a variety of different services.

Notable among these services are the following:

  • Continuing education opportunities through workshops and seminars taught by leaders in the field of movement study
  • Professional networking at Roundtables on Professional Issues
  • Adventure grants for members to present their work at conferences, conduct research, and sponsor regional events
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards, celebrating the contributions of mature professionals
  • Recognition for contemporary leadership through the election of members to distinguished Fellow status
  • Establishing ethical standards of professional practice for Movement Pattern Analysis
  • Active collaboration with other movement organizations, such as shared sponsorship of events with various colleges and universities and joint publication projects with other groups such as the Laban Guild.

As a non-profit group, Motus Humanus’s membership and services complement those provided by MoveScape Center. Motus Humanus can be regarded as a reliable source for information and ideas, collegial contact and interaction, and associated forms of professional support.

In addition, members of the volunteer Board are actively charting a new vision as the organization enters its third decade of operations. So, if you are interested in being a part of the future of Laban-based movement studies, be sure to keep Motus Humanus on your radar!

Visit the Motus Humanus website