Motus Humanus


Motus Humanus, founded in 1991 by Charlotte Honda, Carol-Lynne Moore, and Kaoru Yamamoto, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.  For over two and half decades, this professional organization’s Board and members supported the development of Laban-based movement study in the following ways.


*  Sponsored 14 continuing education seminars drawing on over 40 Laban experts from the US and Europe

*  Organized 8 conferences in which 100 different movement specialists presented their work

*  Provided $4000 of support for research, publication projects, and archival preservation, along with $2400 in travel support for members to participate in professional conferences in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America

*  Recognized significant contributions to the field of movement study through special awards

* Raised public awareness of Laban-based movement study through its writing contest, monographs, website, and collaboration with the Laban Guild Magazine in the UK

*  Established and maintained standards of professional practice by certificating Movement Pattern Analysts through written examinations and portfolio reviews

* Donated $1500 in start-up funding for the Warren Lamb Trust, which takes over responsibility for the future development of Movement Pattern Analysis

While Motus Humanus ceased operations in 2017, its work lives on in the following ways.

*  Ongoing support for movement analysts through the Warren Lamb Trust

*  Donation of the Motus Humanus archives to the National Resource Centre for Dance at the University of Surrey in England, where the Rudolf Laban and Warren Lamb archives are also housed

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