MPA Profiles Help Individuals Uncover Hidden Treasures

The following comments were made by a young graduate student. Although her profile reflected a well-balanced and logical approach to decision making, she was initially dismayed.

“The final aspect of my profile that I wish to reflect on is my moderate magnitude in five out of the six Action Motivations. Again, when I first received my profile I was upset and disappointed with myself because of this. The only high Action Motivation that I have is in Investigating. I felt that this Action Motivation did not make me stand out in a crowd because, with Google searches, anyone can learn to become a good Investigator.”


After reading and reflecting on her profile report, however, she developed a new appreciation of her unique decision-making style.

“I feel that I can be the missing link to any team. It is this quality that will make me stand out in a crowd. I am able to use my high Investigating and more logical decision-making path to see what areas of a decision-making process the team is overlooking. With my moderate to high Determining, I am able to insist that we stop and engage in the aspect that we have missed. If need be, I can be the leader in that missing step. I am very proud to have the profile that I have. Over the course of this year, I have grown in many ways in regards to my self-understanding, and I think my appreciation for my profile has been a major part of that.”