Seven-rings R Us

laban movementLaban’s Mixed Seven-rings are an important extension of his theory of movement harmony.  But they are not just important theoretically – they are quite challenging to perform.  And, because of their harmonic analogies, they offer novel approaches for movement invention.

In the forthcoming Ico workshop, Cate Deicher and I draw upon Laban’s unpublished writings to facilitate learning and embodying the mixed seven-rings.  Because these trace-forms are drawn from the better-known axis and girdle scales, we will start with reviewing these forms.  Then we move on to exploring how Laban conceived the mixed seven-rings as combinations of arabesque and attitude shapes.

Laban constructed the mixed seven-rings to be analogous to the diatonic scales that form the basis of common melodies and harmonies in Western music.  This suggests novel ways to approach creating movement phrases and sequences.

Want to find out more?  Join us for the Advanced Space Harmony Workshop December 3 and 4.